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Our product program also includes the recycling of catalytic converters and electronic scrap. We collect old catalytic converters as well as computer systems and electronic equipment and then recycle them.

Scholz AG is a partner of Degussa AG in the Degussa Kat-Verbund (catalytic converter association) for recycling car exhaust catalytic converters. At our site in Essingen, we professionally strip converter casings. The metal casing is channeled into the scrap cycle. The precious metals in the catalytic converter ceramics are separated at the Degussa metalwork in Hanau-Wolfgang and are refined into pure fine metals for the production of new converters. The converter ceramics are recycled for industrial purposes.

We recycle scrap electronics by taking computer systems and electronic equipment to pieces to gain individual parts and components. The circuit boards and chips are then reprocessed and the precious metals are recovered and recycled. This is a perfect example of a complete and constant resource cycle as well as a well-coordinated distribution of work.