Recycling Services Dismantling Subcontracting

The Scholz Group is regarded as a logistics specialist. An important part of our work involves the decentralized collection of enormous quantities of scrap. The metal is usually collected in large containers either located in the direct proximity of the waste disposal facility or in small, decentralized depositing centers. The mass quantities are then transported by train at low costs to the nearest processing centers of the Scholz Group. The metal is then sorted and processed by cutting, shearing or pressing using hydraulic shearing machines, breakers, large presses and shredders. The collected steel and metal scrap is processed for direct raw material applications in steelworks and foundries in accordance with strict quality assurance standards. The goods are usually transported from the individual centers by train or ship to the nearest processing center.  
The collection process begins at our suppliers' where we provide large containers free-of-charge for collecting surplus metals and old scrap. We offer user-oriented solutions (containers, skips, etc.) for daily on-site use. We also provide customers with an extensive container service with all kinds of systems. The scrap is then collected on-time by our own reliable fleet of trucks. 
In addition, we also specialize in industrial disposal by providing efficient and complete solutions. The latest technology, qualified employees and an excellent infrastructure ensure an excellent service.