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Scholz AG is amongst the leading steel and metal scrap recycling companies in Europe. In today's world, where nature is increasingly being subject to wasteful exploitation and damage, it is imperative to use existing resources economically. In this respect, Scholz AG contributes significantly. The company's ongoing recycling efforts channel secondary raw materials back into the industrial cycle, save on energy and relieve some of the burden on the environment.

Scholz AG plays an important role within the recoverable steel and metal scrap material cycle. The separate quantities of metal are first collected at different decentralized waste disposal sites and assorted into enormous bundles of material. They are then industrially processed and temporarily stored and finally sold on to industrial customers. In this way, Scholz AG contributes significantly to saving vast amounts of natural resources and guarantees extensive environmental protection when recycling. We also use modern techniques with the aim of ensuring 100% recyclability.

Our wide network of over 300 outside suppliers, that range from renowned automotive plants, the German railway company (Deutsche Bahn AG) to specialized suppliers as well as small sub-contractors and waste disposal sites, supply us with a constant flow of material. To help us efficiently manage these large quantities, we have direct interests in over 25 companies and a large number of depots mainly in South and East Germany as well as in the Czech Republic. Scholz AG also has important sites in France, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. The company not only leads regional markets in Germany and the Czech Republic market, it is also one of the most influential scrap and metal recyclers in Croatia. All the major depots are accessible by rail or water. We believe the railways and waterways to be the form of transport for the future. This is the only way we can regularly supply over 200 steelworks, foundries and refineries around the world with the recycled raw material of metal scrap.