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Paul Scholz, great-grandfather of today's company president Berndt-Ulrich Scholz, started a business including metal sorting and wholesale trading in metal scrap, in Liegnitz, Lower Silesia.
1908: Hermann Scholz, Paul Scholz's son-in-law, set up a second metal scrap business in Lüben, Lower Silesia. There his son Carl-Heinz Scholz became familiar with the scrap business.
1936: Carl-Heinz Scholz founded the company C.-H. Scholz Schrott und Metalle (Scrap and Metals) in Glogau, Lower Silesia. Before, he had gained experience of more than 10 years in the trade.
1939-1945: Irmgard Scholz, the only limited partner in the C.-H. Scholz KG company until 1992, managed the metal scrap business in Glogau during her husband's absence on military service. In January 1945 the firms in Liegnitz, Lüben and Glogau had to be given up because of expulsion.
1949: Carl-Heinz Scholz, after initial metal scrap activities in the Heilbronn region, settled in Aalen. The company C.-H. Scholz was transferred from Glogau to Aalen. There, on the site of the "Gute Hoffnungshüte" iron and steelworks in Aalen-Erlau, Carl-Heinz Scholz built up a modern metal scrap business.
1963: Lacking further expansion possibilities and on account of the uncertain rail connections in Aalen, Carl-Heinz Scholz transferred his metal scrap works to the neighbouring town of Essingen. Close to the railway station the company has its own ground an railway sidings.
1964: Berndt-Ulrich Scholz joined the C.-H. Scholz company as personally liable General Partner.
1967-1989: Berndt-Ulrich Scholz, Managing Director and General Partner of the C.-H. Scholz KG. In the early '70's international business relations were developped, especially with Italy. Subsequently a wave of new company start-ups, subsidiaries and company takeovers developped in the various metal scrap sectors as well as in other lines of business.
1989: After the opening of the east block countries and thanks to some sharply defined engagements in the new markets, C.-H. Scholz KG evolved into one of the leading European trading houses for iron scrap.
1993: Oliver Scholz, Berndt-Ulrich Scholz's son, became an active limited partner of C.-H. Scholz KG, thus being the fifth generation to join the principal house of the Scholz-Group, based in Essingen.
1999: C.-H. Scholz KG is transformed to Scholz AG. The Board of the Management is formed by Mr. Berndt-Ulrich Scholz and Mr. Oliver Scholz.