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Scholz AG is an important part of the 100% cycle beginning with the secondary raw material and ending with the finished product. As there is a limited supply of raw material resources available, recycling is essential and something that has been predetermined by nature itself. Everything should be made use of. Nothing should be thrown away. There is absolutely no waste involved in steel and metal recycling. However, recycling should not become a means to a end; it should make ecological sense and be economically justifiable.

Every second ton of steel produced today is manufactured from metal scrap. Steelworks and foundries continually use the raw material of scrap without any deterioration of quality. This allows over 600 million tons of iron ore and 200 million tons of coking coal to be saved throughout the world each year; enormous quantities of raw materials that do not need to be mined or transported. This conserves natural primary raw materials and saves energy.

Our main task involves coordinating and organizing the collection and recycling of metals as well as iron and steel scrap. Old cars, household equipment, machines, industrial systems, building and bridge constructions are collected and processed into the high-quality raw material of "steel scrap". The key to the Scholz Group's success lies in the collection, processing and marketing of iron and steel scrap as well as metals. Essential factors are short transport routes and the bundling of enormous quantities.